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Location and Attractions

Maps of the Area

Find links to resources containing maps for hiking and other recreational activities from our area here in Clearwater County, Alberta and surroundings. Feel free to ask us for additional information.

By Qyd (talk · contribs) (Own work (Own photo)) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Bighorn Highway (Highway 734 South)

Alberta Environment and Parks

Alberta Enviroment and Parks offers brochures and maps with details of public land use zones, areas and trails. The collection includes:

Public Land Use Zones

  • Bighorn Backcountry
  • Blackstone Wapiabi
  • Dormer Sheep
  • Job / Cline
  • Kiska / Willson
  • Panther Corners
  • Upper Clearwater / Ram

Area Brochures and Trail Maps

  • Allstones
  • Bighorn Dam
  • Cline River Corridor
  • Coliseum Trail
  • Cutoff Creek
  • Hummingbird
  • Nordegg

Access the maps of the Bighorn Backcountry at the Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) website.

Rocky Mountain House Chamber of Commerce

The Rocky Mountain House Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a website resource called "Where Adventure Begins", which offers maps with details of areas and trails including:

Areas and Trails

  • Alexander Henry’s Trails
  • All Stone Lake
  • Allstones Creek
  • Baldy Fire Lookout
  • Batus Canyon
  • Beaverdam Loop Nordegg
  • Bighorn Meadows
  • Black Canyon Creek
  • Brazeau Lookout Trail
  • Bridge Creek
  • Cline & Coral Canyons Loop
  • Cline River Falls
  • Coliseum Mountain
  • Coral Ridge
  • Crescent Falls - Bighorn Canyon
  • Dry Haven - Goldeye Connector
  • Eagle Mountain
  • East Bush Falls Loop
  • Farley Lake
  • Fish Lake Loop
  • Goldeye Lake
  • Heritage Trail
  • Hoodoo Creek
  • Hummingbird Pass
  • Icefall Trail Loop
  • Lake of the Falls
  • Lake of the Falls Lookout
  • Landslide Lake
  • Little Indian Falls & Whitegoat Lakes
  • Loudon Creek
  • Mud Creek
  • Nature Walk
  • Nine Bear Meadows
  • Nordegg Ranger Station
  • Owen Creek Gorge
  • Pinto Lake Lookout
  • Pinto Lake Loop
  • Pinto Lake Trail
  • Sasquatch Track
  • Sentinel Creek
  • Shunda - Goldeye Connector
  • Siffleur Falls
  • Stelfox Loop
  • Sundance Lodge Loop
  • Sunset Pass
  • Sureveyor’s Benchmark
  • Survey Hill
  • Terrace Walk
  • Tershishner Falls
  • The Figure Eight Walk
  • The Hostel Hike
  • The Meadows
  • Thompson Creek
  • Thompson Creek Falls
  • Thompson Creek Recreation Area
  • Tuff Puff
  • Two O’Clock Ridge
  • Upper Bighorn Falls
  • Viewpoint Trail
  • Vision Quest
  • Waterfalls Creek
  • Whirlpool Point Loop
  • Whirlpool Ridge
  • Whitegoat Falls
  • Wildhorse Creek
  • Windy Point Ridge

Access this maps through the navigation on the left at the Maps Section of, an initiative by the Rocky Mountain House Chamber of Commerce.